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Introducing the Atlas of Flowers, a collection of 50 vintage botanical illustrations that will transport you to a world of the exquisite beauty of old natural history books.

These illustrations depict a variety of popular garden and wild flowers. Each image has been carefully digitally restored to its original glory, so you can enjoy the timeless elegance of these botanical wonders.

Vintage botanical art is not only visually stunning but also highly versatile. You can use these illustrations to create a range of projects, such as patterns, prints for fabric and clothing, cards and invitations, wedding stationery, posters, wall art, gift wraps, scrapbooking, decoupage, and more.

By purchasing this set you’ll get access to high-quality, transparent PNG files with average image dimensions of 6000-6500px on the long edge. This means that these graphics are incredibly highly detailed and can be used even for very big printing formats. PNG files work in almost all graphic editing software so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Product features:

  • 50 transparent PNG files
  • Hi-res images (6000-6500px on the long edge)
  • Carefully restored and perfectly isolated
  • 300 DPI

All files are named according to the species of the given flower.

Full list of flower species included in the set: Balsam, Abutilon, Rose, Lyre Flower, Zinnia, Phlox, Blue Plumbago, Avens, Day Lily, Scarlet Geranium, Hawthorn, Laburnum, Coreopsis, Shrub Rose, Single Stock Flower, Winter Jasmine, Indian Pink, Rudbeckia, Japan Quince, Columbine, Poppy Anemone, Gladiolus, Browallia, Commelina, Cineraria, Yellow Azalea, Everlasting Pea, Crimson Petunia, Orange Lily, Rhododendron, Spanish Iris, Bellflower, Ranunculus, Crown Imperial, Hawkweed, Carnation, Jonquil, Poet’s Daffodil, Angel Pelargonium, Baby Blue Eyes, Camellia, Yellow Avens, Yellow Columbine, Jacob’s Ladder, Giant Bellflower, Lungwort, Willow Gentian, Flair Tulip, Greek Valerian, Rock Rose.

Atlas of Flowers – Botanical Art Set

$19.00 – $120.00

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