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The Pantheon collection features 46 graphics of figures from Greek and Roman mythology and history. These line art graphics were inspired by the most iconic sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome.

You can find here illustrations of notable figures, from the mighty Zeus and radiant Apollo to the enchanting Aphrodite (Venus) and swift-footed Hermes. These graphics have a slight vintage and hand-drawn feel but at the same time, they evoke an elegant and classical aesthetic.

The Pantheon collection is a versatile and useful set of assets for designers and artists. These illustrations are perfect for branding, creating unique logos, art prints, stationery, and more. The vintage and elegant feel adds a touch of classic beauty to any project, making it especially suitable for businesses and brands that want to evoke a sense of history, tradition, and timelessness.

These images are available as high-resolution transparent PNG files, as well as in AI & SVG vector formats. PNG files can be opened in almost every graphic software. SVG files are compatible with Canva.

Main features:

  • 46 illustrations
  • Hi-res images (over 4000 px on long edge)
  • 300 Dpi
  • AI, SVG & PNG files

Full list of the figures and scenes depicted by graphics from the collection: Amazon, Antinous, Aphrodite of Knidos, Aphrodite of Melos (Venus de Milo), Apollo Belvedere, Apollo, Artemis (Diana of Versailles), Asclepius, Athene, Caryatid, Eros, Hecate, Hera Barberini, Hera Farnese, Hera Ludovisi (Juno Ludovisi), Hercules Farnese, Hermes and the Infant Dionysus, Hermes Logios, Hestia Giustiniani, Hygieia, Isis and Horus, Medusa Rondanini, Meleager, Nereid borne along by a Triton, Niobe, Old Centaur with Eros, Orestes and Electra, Pan, Pericles, Phosphorus, Poseidon, Satyr, Selene, Serapis, Silenus and the Infant Dionysos, Triton, Tyche of Antioch, Youthful Dionysus and Satyr, Zeus

Pantheon – Greek & Roman Mythology Illustrations

$18.00 – $90.00

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