Greek and Roman Sculpture Collection by Graphic Goods 01

Large collection of 90 beautiful greek and roman statues and busts depicting famous figures of ancient mythology and history.

Everybody loves ancient greek & roman sculptures, right? We also love them and that’s why we created this collection. Using these timeless pieces of art is a great way to beautify and enhance your design projects. Use them in your collages, posters, album covers, social media posts or any other creative projects – it’s a perfect recipe for great artwork.

The collection contains 90 isolated images. All assets are available as high-quality transparent PNG files with sizes varying from 3000 to 7000 px on the longer edge. Transparent PNG files work almost in any design software available.


  • 90 transparent PNG files
  • Hi-res images (3000-7500 px)
  • Perfectly isolated
  • 300 DPI

This set includes a variety of greek and roman mythological figures such as Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite (Venus), Athena, Hermes (Mercury), Herakles (Hercules), Menelaos, Eros, Narcissus, etc. It also features famous people of classical antiquity, for example, Demosthenes, Epikouros, Herodotos as well as roman emperors and empresses – Caligula, Commodus, Tiberius, Agrippina The Younger, and others. You can also find here famous greek statues like Diadoumenos and Doryphoros, as well as portraits of athletes, philosophers, and other known and unknown people of this ancient era.

Greek And Roman Sculpture Collection

$19.00 – $120.00

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