Adventure – Vintage Engraving Illustrations 01

Adventure – Vintage Illustration Set

A collection of engraving-style illustrations restored from old 19th-century books and catalogs.

This set contains 74 illustrations related to adventure, outdoor activities, exploration, bushcraft and other similar topics. In this collection, you can find illustrations of tents, cabins, camping, campfire, wood stumps, axes, pocket knives, multi-tool knives, binoculars, flasks, lanterns, compasses, camp dinnerware, slipping bag, various bags and backpacks, snowshoes, small boats, rubber boat, canoe, yacht, mountains, other wild nature landscapes and more.

These illustrations will be perfect for wide variety of projects, for example, logos and branding, fabric and apparel design, packaging, stationery etc. It’s also very suitable for decoupage and scrapbooking.


  • 74 illustrations
  • highly detailed
  • AI & PNG (transparent)
$18.00 – $210.00
  • 74 illustrations
  • AI & PNG